The Hurd Family Photo Album


Lunar Eclipse 2003 - Pictures of the Lunar Eclipse through a standard lens and through my 10 inch reflector telescope

Miscellaneous Family Pictures - Miscellaneous Pictures of family, house, yard, etc

Pictures from Christmas morning 2003 - Pictures from Christmas morning while we were opening presents

Dive Pictures-   Pictures from Dive trips all over

More Dive Pictures-   Pictures from Dive trips all over

Florida 2004 - Pictures from our Florida Keys and Ft. Lauderdale vacation

Ct. Lake Trip - Pictures from Ct. Lake Trip

Rye NH Seal Dive - Pictures of Rye New Hampshire Seal Dive at Isle of Sholes

Cozumel 2005 - Pictures (raw) of Cozumel, April, 2005

Cozumel 2005 - Pictures (Auto Cleanup) of Cozumel, April, 2005

Michaela's Birthday - Pictures of Michaela's Birth Day, June 16, 2005

Michaela Comes Home - Pictures of Michaela Coming Home, June 18, 2005

Michaela's Video Shorts - Video Shorts of Michaela

Animal Video - short film of zoo visits (download only with broadband)

Michaela's 1st Birthday - Pictures of Michaela's 1st Birthday, June 17,2006

Smithsonian Museum 2006 in Washington DC - Air and Space, Aquarium, Arlington, Memorials, Natural History, Zoo

Disney 2015 - Tim's Pictures from Disney 2015 Vacation

Disney 2015#2 - Dave's Pictures from Disney 2015 Vacation

Southwick Zoo 20162 - Dave's Pictures from Southwick Zoo 2016 Day trip

Pictures 2020 - Various pictures from 2020


Updated on December 27, 2020

Added Pictures from 2020